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Welcome to my “acoustic guitar for pop, rock & folk” tuition information page.
I offer great value guitar lessons, aimed at beginners.
I have played guitar for 40 years, and have been a songwriter and performer for most of that time.
I have been teaching guitar to for many years, including private one to one lessons in people's homes and in youth centres.


Teaching method


My method is to support students to use an established and popular guitar tutorial book "The Complete Guitar Player" by Russ Shipton.
This three volume guitar course is, in my opinion, the best available introduction to playing acoustic guitar for pop, rock and folk music.
These volumes can be used as a teach yourself course, but most beginners will find that guidance from an experienced player and teacher makes their learning more enjoyable, and motivates them to persevere through the difficult bits!
On top of this, as no tutorial book is ever “perfect”, I can fill in the gaps with my own techniques and tips, which students have found to be very useful in the initial stages of learning to play the guitar.


Support before lessons start

Many people will want to start learning by using a guitar that they have in their home already, or perhaps one that they can borrow from a friend. Usually this will be fine, but sometimes the instrument may not be suitable for a learner, or may be the wrong size for a particular learner, or may need some repair doing to make it useable – or may be just a poor guitar that nobody should be trying to play, never mind a beginner!
I am happy to spend some time, free of charge, with people who have committed themselves to learning with me, to help them look at whether the guitar they have got is the right one for them, or to help them choose a guitar to buy, if that is what they need to do. This includes visiting shops to try out different instruments.
The good news is that you can get a decent new beginners guitar these days for under £100! In a city like Bristol there is also a decent secondhand market for guitars, and you might even pick up a bargain in a charity shop. However, it is worth taking time to choose, and spending money to get the best instrument you can afford to make your learning more productive and enjoyable.



£15 per hour – for a lesson at my home, in Central Bristol, between Stokes Croft & Cabot Circus.


£20 per hour – for a lesson at your home or any other space you can provide, within 3 miles of Bristol city centre.


Further information & contact


Contact me to book lessons or to get further details:

Steve Graham

mobile phone: 07975 996 946




Steve Graham ~ Guitar Tuition & Singer/Songwriter


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